Robert Chiodi

Ph.D. Candidate, Computational Thermo-Fluids Lab

Cornell University

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Welcome to my site. I am currently a PhD student in the Computational Thermo-Fluids Lab (CTFLab) at Cornell University, advised by Professor Olivier Desjardins.

For my dissertation, I have been developing numerical methods for multiphase computational fluid dynamics simulations with liquid/gas and liquid/gas/solid interfaces. These methods are then used to study primary atomization, the process by which large liquid structures break into small droplets. I am also working on more fundamental work using direct numerical simulation (DNS) to better understand how turbulence is modulated by the presence of liquid/gas interfaces, with the goal of developing sub-grid scale models for capturing sub-cell surface tension effects and breakup events in atomization simulations. To learn more about the specifics of this research and see some cool movies from the simulations, check out the Research tab.

Along with my interest in computational fluid dynamics, I am also interested in computer generated images, specifically using the programs Blender and Houdini. I use this in conjunction with the fluid dynamics simulations to create attractive and educational animations that draw the interest of those in and outside of the field. This is how the more realistic-looking images and animations you will see throughout this website have been made.

So, please have a look around and I hope you enjoy the site! If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so.